Your Best Guide To Marrying An NRI Girl

Most of the Indian grooms want to marry an NRI girl. The reason is that most of them believe that girls who reside abroad are more qualified and eligible as compared to Indian girls. The logic behind marrying with NRI girl may be varied from person to person. But, sometimes, it could be tiresome if you reach a final decision without knowing and enquiring about your spouse.

Therefore, if you are making a plan to marry an NRI girl, kindly invest your little bit of valuable time in knowing about your potential life partner and her family as well. After all, marriage is all about your whole life. To marry an NRI girl, you can also take help from the matrimonial services in Delhi.

So, if you are going to marry an NRI girl, don’t forget to read out these points. These points will work as a lighthouse in finding your would-be partner.

Marriage is not like a business deal that can be canceled whenever we want. So, before reaching a final decision to marry an NRI girl set a proper meeting with her and her family as well. Never fix anything based on a few phone calls or emails.

  • Never have full faith in third parties (like- agents or marriage bureau) blindly when marrying an NRI girl.
  • Don’t marry an NRI girl just to raise your social status or to get a chance to settle abroad.
  • Don’t say yes just because your marriage is going to be celebrated in a foreign country.
  • Don’t forget to register your marriage at any cost.
  • Thoroughly check the visa and documents related to citizenship of your would-be NRI wife.
  • You should also check her bank details and tax-paying papers so that you will not face any hassle in the future.
  • Always try to meet her personally once or twice so that you can know more about her.
  • You can also get the details about her business or job.
  • Try to get more information about that girl and her family from mutual friends.
  • Don’t forget to find more details about her by contacting the Indian embassy in that foreign country. 
  • Don’t marry an NRI girl privately. Instead, publicize your marriage and have a social marriage ceremony. This will create a witness list, in case needed.

Marriage cannot be something that exists today, but not tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you are going to marry an Indian girl or an NRI girl, it is always necessary that you complete inquiry about her so that in the future, you will not face any problem. Numerous matrimonial companies are there for helping NRI grooms looking for Indian brides.

Having trust in these companies is fine, but blind faith might ruin your life. So, when it comes to marry an NRI girl, go through proper research about her and her family. This research is necessary because a minor mistake in it can change your life from a blessing to a curse.


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Written by Monika Gupta


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