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Short Term Courses – Importance And Benefits

Five Ultimate Benefits Of Short Term Courses

The Wonders Of Short Term Learning

Hyper changing nature of work! 
Morning –evening flights! 
Full day long calls and meetings! 
Clogged weekends! 
Minimum family time! 
Full time studies, course or diploma!!! – Ouchh. This doesn’t go  well in present environment. 

If you too are a working professional in today’s world, this must be sounding a nuisance! 

Making an impact in your work, your studies or whatever you do is the priority of today, and you need to be on your toes to make it – meaning; you must be well aware with the latest of the technologies, tools, methods or whatever is your bread and butter. 

There are loads of universities and educational setups which run brilliant full time courses for working professionals, wherein you can get the best of what is needed to perform. 

but hold on….

With even 24 hours seeming to be short, having time to keep yourself updates and ready, is just the problem.  

So what’s the solution? 

Logically, the solution is taking the best value out of your available time- thanks to short term courses! 

Nowadays, short term courses are available for almost every common field of study, and in both offline and online modes, with time duration ranging from as low as a few hours to a few days upto a few months in a part time or weekend learning basis. 

Being a working professional and struggling with availability of time, short terms courses gives you flexibility and benefits like never before to equip yourselves with latest trends, few of which are explained here. 

Get hold of the latest skills

Short term courses in an online mode can be done at your leisure to add latest skills to your list. In a few hour sessions, you will be able to know a lot about the skill or technology that you can actually talk it out in the market or explore more, basis what interests you inside it. Investing an hour a week over introductory courses can give you a great idea of what is moving and you can actually work over a roadmap of where you want to drill down deeper. 

Pay hike potential

Goal setting and appraisals are a part of the standard performance evaluation cycles with most organizations. This needs a careful consideration of your existing skills and the value add you are going to do to you and your team in the appraisal year. Targeting a few short term courses in your goal setting, spending time to learn them as well as imparting a few sessions in your organization to your peer group are a good way to target and achieve rankings in your appraisals. This ultimately bring in better pay hikes compared to those who have performed at your same level but have not added value to themselves or the organization. 

Personal improvement

Short term courses and learning can come up a long way when it comes to personal improvements. Coming from the previous point, your year end appraisals do mention your areas of improvement. You must not wait to work on those improvement pointers. You must take your areas of improvement as an opportunity and trigger for your personal improvement, at the same time, aligning them with your organizations expectations. It is too simple to look for short term online or a few hours weekend classes for what you want to improve on and start learning. You can earn extra weightage for working on the areas of improvement as suggested by your seniors, which majority of people take only for granted, and is never actually discussed in next year appraisal cycles. 

Networking and professional extension

Taking a few hours out to learn new skills provides an opportunity to interact with people with the same interest as yours. This can actually help you grow your professional circle. Talking to people from different backgrounds helps you get an understanding of how different industries operate or how different workloads are executed. An expanded network of professionals open up oportunities for exchange of professional opinions, ideas, experience as well as guidance, and who knows you may start getting noticed for your knowhow and become the next go-to person in no time!

Reason to stay motivated, motivated for a reason

A hectic work life can be monotonous with the same routine day in and out. The human machinery needs motivation to work. Short term courses can add up to your motivation. For example, if IoT excites you, you can commit yourself for 3 hours of learning every month over new advancements in IoT with any crash courses or videos. Three hours a month is not a big target, you stay motivated to finish this as the advancements excite you (and it also can cover up your annual learning hours targets – 36 hours out of 40 on an average is 90% achievement of target) and entirely with an interest in learning (unlike the boring full day HR sessions). Alternatively, you can always enroll online courses to learn some creative skills like design thinking, or even playing a guitar which you always wanted, and stay motivated to learn and work! 

Short term courses are everywhere these days, and you can even find them in your organizational or acedemic learning platforms. Whether you are a student, professional, businessmen, artist, homemaker, singer or anyone, you can find studies of your own interest easily and adding a few hours of your monthly time to learning slowly and steadily stuffs you with skills and expertise which you always thought of. 

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Written by Deep Sharma

Along with Consulting as my profession, I enjoy being a digital world explorer, art lover and an occasional digital artist. Love to face challenges, seeking new professional risks and digging valuable learning out of them.


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