Rising beyond the darkness – ignite the me in yourself

Rising beyond the darkness

Life is uncertain. You dont know what may come up your way. Millions of us are stranded on a pseudo secluded road towards our dreams. There are stories all around, no ray of hope it seems!

You may be like any other person struggling and fighthing with your own self, your surroundings, situations, office issues, personal problems, diseases, weight gain and what not which is standing in your way to achieve and fulfil your desires- or rather I would say, just a sign of happiness!

There are moments in life when we find ourself struk up in the middle of nowhere, nowhere to go. Every road seems to be at the end, covered with a dense smog of uncertainty, bitterness, unrest, disbelief and whatever it takes to push you back. What do you do in such a situation? Whom do you think of? Where do you go?

There is an old saying.

Its beyond the dark you do see stars.

This reads out to be a strong message – about hope. I have seen people dissolving to their griefs, fading off in their secludedness, blowing away their innerself, but coming out as a bright shiny sun after months of thunderous haze.

Trust me, it is no one in this world who can make you rise up your blues, defeat your own cynicism, step up your feet, but only you. It is only you who need to believe that you exist – not to suffer, but to survive upto eternity – with your fullest charm.

Similar to this is a real story of Mr. Dinesh Mohan, which explains the crude harshness of fate someone can bear, gets close to being defeated, demotivated and devastated, only to grab that one ray of light which incites a spark of self confidence, the go-getter attitude in you.

The key is your passion towards your goal, your perseverance and keeping your hope alive, till you achieve what you want, till you enjoy fruits, till you inspire others, till you light a ray of hope in the world of other people, and forever.

The will to keep yourself alive like an eternal aroma, with a faith to spread goodness across the mankind is something which gives you a purpose, shows you the way when everything seems closed.

You need to light up your own lamps to clear the darkness

So friends, if you think you are being faint in the darkness, all you need is to stand straight, lift your thoughts and thank the time, which is about to show you shining stars in the dark and then a bright, shiny sun to recharge all your energies you can invest in claiming your life back, your time back.

Be bold, be brave, walk till you reach your destination…and find your next spot!


What do you think?

Written by Dinesh Kabra


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