Quick Weight Loss Plan for Vegetarians

Quick Weight Loss – The million dollar question in front of almost every other person. Everyone pondering for answers. Internet, social media flooded with innumerable articles, videos, quick tips and what not? Proteins or carbs, oil or butter, veg or non veg, what to take? How to have a rapid weight loss is the mass yearning about. But is this real or a Utopian phrase? We will throw some light on this and also talk straight about a few tips for vegetarians which can help reduce weight steadily.

The primary reason for weight loss, scientifically is the imbalance of calorie intake and offtake. Most of us who desire to be lean do not maintain a healthy calorie intake, and then do not ensure a calorie deficit in their lifestyle.  What is really needed is will power along with the willingness to lose weight – what is needed is we burn more calories than we earn. Definitely exercise is the best way, which unfortunately lifestyles and work schedules leave a narrow space for most of the working class.

For them, I am suggesting a simple diet plan which can help you gain nutrition as well as let you burn more calories than you do in your existing routine if not following any diet control or exercising plan.

Start your day with a glass or two of water, and this is the best thing you can do to yourself. This is to be followed with munching of a few nuts or dates. You can also choose to include healthy seeds like flax seed and sunflower seed. Water removes the acidic form in the stomach, and nuts, seeds and dates provide the early morning energy and nutrients to our empty stomach.


If you are a tea or coffee lover, try reducing the intake gradually in the morning. For example, you can reduce a few sips from your cup every three or four days. This way, would would slowly train your body to live without tea or coffee, and you will not notice any cravings.


Start eating fresh fruit of your choice.  One portion of fruit after 20 to 30 minutes of nuts is better. The fruits must be seasonal. You must avoid fruits which are not from your surrounding climate. Substitute imported fruits with home grown fruits.

Spare 45 minutes for yourselves. Have a brisk walk, do yoga, pick a sport or whatever you enjoy. If you are not doing any activity, start with 10 minutes activity a day. Add 2 minute every 3 or 4 days till your activity reaches 40 to 45 minutes. This may take months, but rejuvenates you and you feel fresh and renewed than before.

Switch to boiled, half boiled, steamed or raw dishes in breakfast. You can do this easily. Add or increase portions of raw, half boiled, steamed or boiled veggies in your daily diet. For example, start eating raw carrots, radish, boiled rice, half boiled broccoli and cauliflower, boiled potato, beans, black grams, sweet potatoes, spinach and so on, garnished with rock salt and black pepper. If you are already eating them but not finding results, the mantra is to eat them first if you plan to eat anything cooked too. Fill your stomach with such healthy option to ensure less of unhealthy eating.
Eating this diet help supply essential nutrients to the body, maintains hydration and help flushing out toxins, and you need not to worry about fiber. Do not worry about the quantity, eat to your satisfaction, avoid overeating though. Do not forget to drink enough water with this diet.

The mantra for lunches too goes the same way. You can eat pulses, lentils, green veggies and paneer curry with one or two who wheat rotis, after you eat a bowl full of salad. Remember to eat the cooked food after you have ate salad. In 45 minutes to an hour of your lunch, try to have a glass of fresh grapefruit (mosambi) juice.

Evenings can be tiresome, you may feel cravings for eye openers, go with black coffee or green tea preferably. Eliminate sugar from your beverages. Your body gets the required amount of sugar from other natural sources. Strictly avoid having cold drinks any time of the day. If you cannot avoid any day, at least limit the consumption. One of my friends, who would not avoid cold drinks when in front, has asked his colleagues to spill out some quantity from his can, and that worked!

Keep apples, oranges, roasted groundnuts or roasted grams with yourself as your evening companion. Have them whenever you feel you need to eat. Do not munch biscuits, savories, french toast slices or anything like that.

Dinners are a no escape from the same formula. Make a rule to have your dinner on time, i.e. between 730 to 8 PM. Eat roasted, boiled, half boiled, baked or raw veggies with whole wheat roti or boiled rice. Drink ample water after some time of your dinner.

Have a cup of warm milk an hour before you sleep.

These simple changes in your diet along with a bit of activity makes you less prone to put weight, and helps you burn more calories than before this routine. You should also do the following things as much as you can to start noticing significant changes in your energy levels-

  1. Cutting down over cheese and table butter
  2. Avoiding junk such as pizza, burger, hot dogs and other fat/starch filled food items
  3. Cutting down over sugar, ice creams, aerated drinks and juices
  4. Substituting aerated beverages, canned juices with fresh juices
  5. Gradually decreasing alcohol and smoking (remember the one sip reduction mantra)
  6. Avoiding Fried food with loads of oils
  7. Substitute your unnecessary munching of biscuits and savories with nuts and seeds

Try this simple plan for 4 weeks and your will start noticing changes within your inner self. There is no mantra for rapid weight loss, but consistency is the key. Health is something which has been neglected by most of the Indians, but a few steps towards self care would help avoid problems which one could face gradually with age.

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Written by Dinesh Kabra


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