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IoT Solutions and Artificial Intelligence : Five Use Cases For Future


IoT – Internet of Things and AI – Artificial Intelligence is the talk in the stands for quite some time now. The usage of advanced technology for simplification of life is on the rise and constantly evolving, and is continuously being spread over machines – bigger or smaller. IoT Solutions and Artificial Intelligence are the topmost technical advancements helping mankind in modern times.

With mobility and internet at the centrestage, software and hardware OEMs are innovating day in and out to extract data out of more and more devices of daily usage to analyse and predict opportunities of improvement in the quality standards, thereby bringing a better return on investment, ease of usage, reduce operational, repair and maintenance cost, provide a uniform experience and thereby boost consumer experience.

Keeping in mind the same, below are the five key areas which can be automated utilizing IoT, build data and use Artificial Intelligence for improvement in quality of life.


Have you ever forgot keys of your house in your office or car and had to rush back to collect them? Many of us happen to have experienced this case. How about making smart locks which can open by your fingerprints? Just like in your offices, but here not on a biometric reader installed on the door, but with your mobile!

Smart door locks can be made which can be connected to internet and hence your mobile, and you can possibly open them by number of ways, like with a passcode, fingerprint, NFC and so on. This can eliminate need of keeping keys handy, and also eliminate need of multiple copies of keys for every member in your home.


LPG or cooking gas is a commonly used fuel in kitchens, but do we know how much of gas is wasted per day? Probably thousands of gallons, just because the flames are not optimum, but are kept higher or lower without realizing. This may not impact the quality of cooking, but can waste a lot of fuel.

How could it be if your stove knows what is being cooked and the quantity, and releases the exact amount of gas needed? This can be achieved by creating a data driven cooking procedure and accordingly getting the stove lit, based on analytics over millions of people who are feeding what is being cooked and in which quantity, and the stoves releasing standard amount of gas with a global insight!

By implementing this, on one hand we can estimate potential fuel cost savings, on the other we can at least ensure our natural resources aren’t depleting at the current speed, and we are reducing global warming too.


Vechicle Wheels installed with sensors which can relay tyre conditions, terrain or road conditions, speed as well as the vehicle relaying driving patterns, specifically related to the driver on seat. This would help in predicting the life of tyres, engine and other critical vehicle components, thereby ensuring a preventive maintenance.

This data can also help in predicting probability of accidents at critical points basis the condition of vehicle tyres, engine, speed, terrain and driving pattern, thereby raising and alert and saving lives.


Purifiers and small Reverse Osmosis plants are found in every household. These are a major source of water wastage. At least 60 percent of water is wasted by way of processing in an RO. Can we do something about it?

The answer is yes! Smart ROs are available at present too, which can predict the life of water filters and tubes, thereby indicating a preventive replacement, but it isn’t saving water. The need is to have sensors attached which can measure the quantity of water released and relaying it to a data bank, and connected to a water treatment plant which can relay the quantity of contaminated water received for treatment.

If the water treatment isn’t of about the similar quantity as contaminated, the RO’s must relay problems which need immediate fixes, not only technical, but behavioral too, which essentially means fining the cost of water wasted to the households.

This can ensure we are keeping a tap on our most precious natural resource and leaving it for our generations too.


Whether you drive a bike or a car, you most often face parking issues in streets, malls, hospitals, public parking, markets and so on. The problem is so grave, that it many times results in altercations even loss of lives. People are so impatient while driving that a small fit of rage can end up being life threatening to self or the other person. There are instances people have been killed for altercations over parking spaces.

So what can be done to let people easily find parking spaces? The answer is IoT and mobility. Parking can be enabled with sensors connected to internet, with a common app which can show you available parking nearby as you drive. It is just like having one more information over your navigation device, whether it is mobile or a car GPS navigation device,

With all the parking slots automated and connected to a central hub, parking available can be updated in real time to travelers with a probability to find it available till the time they arrive, basis the past trends based of time, season, day or any other factors. This can help people decide on the go where to park, save on time, fuel as well as their temperament.

All these use cases are high level concepts, which gives an idea of how technology can be harvested to fulfill specific needs. This definitely would need a greater amount of research and development to mature and implement.

There are hundreds of such use cases which can be brought to life with modern technologies, and I would be writing about more of it soon.

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Written by Deep Sharma

Along with Consulting as my profession, I enjoy being a digital world explorer, art lover and an occasional digital artist. Love to face challenges, seeking new professional risks and digging valuable learning out of them.


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