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Four Amazing Benefits of Playing Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers

Trust you all know this name.

Chinese Checkers is a classic strategy game being played by kids and grown ups since ages. We all have grown up playing this game with our family and friends. The good thing about this board game is that it is too easy to understand, and kids around 4 years also can learn and play it well, plus, it can give your family hours of unmatched quality time and entertainment.

That being said, there are amazing benefits which kids reap if they learn and play Chinese checkers. I am explaining all of the same one by one here for your knowledge.

Analytical Thinking

Chinese checkers provides your kid an opportunity to analyze the best possible ways to move the marbles to the immediately opposite home. Every time the opponent moves a marble, the child analyzes the position of marbles, and tries to move his marbles accordingly by finding the best path to reach as quicker as possible to the opposite home. Strategizing, and strategizing in right way is of utmost importance in this game, which the kids learn gradually once they start playing this game.

Problem Solving

Every Chinese Checker game starts with quick moves, and if opponents are more, the game gets slowed down due to gathering up of marbles at the center and nearby. This is a kind of “traffic jam” situation for the players, when they find it difficult to move even a single bit. These problems stimulate the brain of the kids, and they start thinking innovatively which marbles to move and where to unclog the path for other of their marbles, thereby improving their problem-solving skills.

Increase in Memory

As the children keeps playing the game, they find it more and more interesting, as they learn new ways of winning the game. They understand and memorize the moves which make them win, and moves which help them navigate from a difficult situation. As there can be innumerable problematic scenarios which can occur anywhere in the game, the child also memorizes the solutions applied, and hence, subconsciously, works over increasing his retention power.

Life Lessons

Children do win, and lose often too. Winning makes them confident, and losing often makes them understand to accept defeats and become more determined to win next time. This teaches them such important life lessons by way of play ways. Though, this benefit can be reaped by playing any kind of games where someone has to lose and someone has to win, I am emphasizing over Chinese Checkers, as this is very simple to be learnt by even a 4 or 5 year old kid with little efforts, and with little counselling loaded with love by parents over winning and losing in the early years while they lose and win, can work wonders and parents can find their kids more determined to win rather than finding them aggressive and finicky after they lose.

I highly recommend parents to train their children how to play this game for these above explained reasons. Also, in the current times when you are short of time, ensuring you spend quality time with your kids and family is paramount. Playing Chinese checkers ensures that you spend the quality time that your family and smaller kids need, and you strengthen the bonding even in small chunks of time.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing today.

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Written by Jyoti Sharma

An ex financial markets professional; mathematics, abacus, brain gym trainer and a hobbyist blogger.


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