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Five Best Brain Exercise Apps

Mobiles devices are no longer things of use only for grown ups these days. Almost every household has got at least one mobile device, and every home where there are kids, find their kids playing games on mobiles for a significant amount of their time.  It is given that you cannot avoid device exposure to kids, but you can definitely find ways and apps which can be of use to the children, and help them gain skills. Here are five best brain exercise apps which can help your kids boost their IQ.


ELEVATE – Brain Training Games
This app contains personalized games and studies which help you train your brain in multiple ways. You can play games to boost your reading speed, memory and build confidence. This app also provides you insights to your performance insights, ans you can track improvement in performance over time.

MAZE MIND – Can you escape?
Mazes are fun to play, but the most special thing with Mazes is they activate your nerves! You are struck up in a maze and your brain cells are activated many times than normal to fund out a solution or way out. Mazes help improve your analytical and problem solving skills. Maze Mind presents you mazes from simplest to most difficult levels with varied obstructions in the most interesting and fun way. Check out and I bet your kids would love it, and I am sure you never mind snatching your phone from your kids just to try the next swipes.

Have you tried wooden puzzles with interlocked parts? This app is exactly the same version of it on screen, in 3D! From simple to hard, you can find hundreds of interlocked 3D shapes, roll them and view from multiple angles, and separate all the pieces to successfully clear the level. The puzzles activate your brain and you start unfolding the problem solving side of yours, with goosebumps.

Infinity Loop
Not as simple as it sounds as loop, you would be amazed to see what can you do with Loops! You can unleash your creativity with innumerable patterns you can form with loops. This is so engrossing and mind boggling that you will not like to leave, at the same time wracking your nerves to make them more creative than ever before.

Skillz – Logic Brain Games
An excellent game to build color, number and shape sense to your kids, with a boost of analytical thinking. The games and presentation is easy and simple to understand. Not only kids, even grown ups can start with this awesome game, and can find hard times solving simple questing. A very good app to practice focus, concentration, speed and analysis.

You can download and try these apps over your android mobiles by clicking the icons or names. (some or all of them may be available on iOS too).
Comment if you liked or disliked these apps, and also if you know if any such other apps of use.

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