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Activate your Brain with Brain Teasers & Mind Puzzles


Brain Teasers & Mind Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain both in kids and adults. This is being used since ages all across the world.
Brain Teasers or Mind Puzzles not only gives an opportunity to have a great pass time with family, friends or being solo, these are undoubtedly great ways which helps one build skills like planning, organizing, analyzing, innovation and critical thinking.

For kids if taken in daily lives, this can work wonders towards boosting their overall mental development.

As an abacus instructor and adviser, I daily meet kids and parents, and have witnessed vivid experiences with both kids and parents about these little but brilliant brain building elements. Here are a few examples I would like to quote which I have heard and experienced from parents, who regularly keep practicing brain teasers with their kids in their free time, rather, free their time for practicing brain teasers.

  1. Kids start finding innovative ways to solve problems in daily lives.
  2. The analytical thinking and capability of children and parents increases.
  3. One can train himself to face uncommon and unusual challenges and plan rather than react.
  4. Planning starts becoming part of daily life.
  5. Family is able to get engaged in a quality and productive time together along with unmatched enjoyment.
  6. Kids become smarter and start answering faster than parents; they remember last analysis done and logic applied.
  7. Memory building exercises are really helpful. Children are able to memorize lengthy answers and other things in general.
  8. Children start building a structured thought process and visualization. If given a scenario (other than mind teasers), you can actually find them unwinding a story across the subject.
  9. Parents who regularly practice welcome new ideas from children rather than being conventional.
  10. Children are more attentive and responsive to commands.

I am sharing a few samples for memory building, focus boosters and innovative thinking.

Focus Boosters

Memory Gym

Analytical Thinking

I would be happy to hear from you your experiences across these exercises or other similar exercises if you do practice them.

If you need more such exercises, you can write to me at


What do you think?

Written by Jyoti Sharma

An ex financial markets professional; mathematics, abacus, brain gym trainer and a hobbyist blogger.


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