Activate your Brain with Brain Teasers & Mind Puzzles

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ACTIVATE YOUR BRAIN WITH BRAIN TEASERS & MIND PUZZLES Brain Teasers & Mind Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain both in kids and adults. This is being used since ages all across the world. Brain Teasers or Mind Puzzles not only gives an opportunity to have

Learn PowerPoint Motion Gear Effect

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LEARN POWERPOINT MOTION GEAR EFFECT Hello friends, we are back with a great PowerPoint Motion gear effect which you can use in your presentations. You can actually use this trick to spin other things like circles, tyres or any object you like in Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint has been an

How To Make Animated Introduction Slides in PowerPoint

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HOW TO MAKE ANIMATED INTRODUCTION SLIDES Hello Friends. We all need to create presentations, whether we are students, or a professional or a business person. We need to create presentations and introduce our brand in a creative manner to attract the interest of our audience and create a positive

Summer Camps – Basics To Look For

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Summer Camps – Basics To Look For Summers are here and so are summer vacations. Summers arrive with an enormous amount of joy for kids and an equal amount of exercise for parents. Having a never ending store of energy, parents find it very difficult to deal with their

Simple Yet Effective Brain Gym Exercise for Beginners

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BRAIN GYM EXERCISES A Simple Yet Effective Brain Gym Exercise for Beginners. Friends, Brain Gym exercises are simple body movements which are used to season both parts of our brain to work in coordination with our body. In general, our brain controls what our body does. Just like we

How To Handle Exam Stress

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HOW TO HANDLE EXAM STRESS ! Examinations. This is a word which can leave children swaying in different feelings. As the exam season starts nearing, it brings with it time of worries, anxiety, nervousness, fear and stress for children. The higher the studies, the bigger the stress. With the

Four Amazing Benefits of Playing Chinese Checkers

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Chinese Checkers Trust you all know this name. Chinese Checkers is a classic strategy game being played by kids and grown ups since ages. We all have grown up playing this game with our family and friends. The good thing about this board game is that it is too

Being A Busy & Better Parent Together

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BEING A BUSY & BETTER PARENT TOGETHER : Can it actually happen for most of us? Life is too busy these days, for everyone! Early morning to late night parades! Working weekends! Conference calls in cars! Replying emails over the dining table! And what not! Applauds to the ever increasing

5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Learn Abacus

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Abacus – A Must Have Skill for your Kid We all need all-rounders in our child. With increasing competition and heightening level of studies and performance thereon, there has been a good amount of pressure over children to perform these days. All the parents want their kids to excel,

21 To-do’s for retailers for a great customer experience

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Visit to a retail store is a daily affair, and retailers are continuously finding out ways to woo and charm customers. There is no limit to innovation, and we can find tireless efforts from retailers to give the best shot for an amazing shopping experience, from offers and promotions,